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» » » Car DVD Player GPS Bluetooth DVB-T 3G/4G/WiFi Toyota Corolla/ Land Cruiser/Vitz/Hilux/ Avensis/RAV4

Car DVD Player GPS Bluetooth DVB-T 3G/4G/WiFi Toyota Corolla/ Land Cruiser/Vitz/Hilux/ Avensis/RAV4

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Car DVD Player Toyota Corolla/ Land Cruiser/Hilux/ Avensis/RAV4
Touch Screen 6.95" HD 800X480
Bluetooth - Mirror Link - TMPS

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Wireless camera kit *

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Warranty  Warranty 2 years
This unit Special Toyota Toyota Corolla/Land Cruiser/Vitz/Hilux/Avensis/RAV4/Camry/Vios has an entertainment center for multimedia communication and navigation. 
It has a CD / DVD with all that can play DVDs, DIVX, MP3 and photos. Its touch screen 6.95" allows you to take full advantage of its features beforehand with an intuitive interface and easy to use. 
The BLUETOOTH hands free to communicate with your mobile phone safely. 
Its GPS module running on a Windows CE platform, you can navigate with ease and make you aware of the presence of any radar. 
Its DVB-T tuner lets you watch all the new TV channels. 
The GPS software is installed on an SD card, and allows you to release the CD / DVD 
Two-Din, which means it is twice the size of a normal car radio slot. 
There is also a USB input and a video input and a video output, allowing you to connect a reverse camera, game console or other video sources. It also has two audio outputs for amp.
Recovery of the steering wheel  
-USB2 : for 3G/4G internet or WiFi input.
Supported Media: DVD-R / DVD + R / DVD-RW / DV + W / SVCD / VCD / CD-R / CD-R / CD-RW / CD + RW 
Read Format: Audio CD / DVD / MP3 / MPEG4 / MPEG2 / Divx / Xvid / AVI / WMA / JPEG and more. ... 
Anti chock-mail.  
USB : 
Reading USB drive, USB HDD etc.. ... Device recognized standard format to FAT 32  
SD Card Reader: 
2 X SD. Accepts SD cards up to 32GB ID3 (MP3: Name the artist, album title, song title).
DVB-T (DVB-T Optional):
Tuner (Integrated Module) DVBT (TNT) option.
TV channels for free, Multi language / Multi Region comprises France makes a reception while driving 100KM / H 
AM / FM Rds 30 submissions, research stations automatically or manually, Function TA / PTY ect. ... Caller ID station (Rds). 
Bluetooth (support PHONEBOOK) :
Allows connection to any Bluetooth mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth. Supports standard 1.0 to 2.0 
Conversation through the speakers of the car. 
Supports A2DP mode (stereo music via bluetooth) 
Caller ID, rediall, hang up and stall.
IPod / iPhone: 
Ipod control. Connect your iPod and drive it from the screen of the receiver. Charges your iPod at the same time. 
Connect a rearview camera or games console. 
System Win CE Net 6.0 
Mode 2 areas can listen to music while having the navigation. 
Maps Gps supported: 
TomTom, IGO, Route66, Destinator, Finean pole nav, Navigate 7, etc.. ...  
Touchscreen TFT LCD HD Digital Matrix 6.95" digital resolution 800 X480 pixels.  
Mos-fet amplifier 4 x 45 Watt, 4 output pre-amp. 
ODS menu: French, English, German, Spanish... GUI. Order via the touch screen 3D.
Recovery orders to the steering wheel.
Radio compatible with the Bose system.
Resumption of steering wheel controls. 
Power and speaker jack: Standard Iso Fakra
Came AV: 1 (RCA ) 
Came back-up camera with automatic switching: 1 
Safety cut screen stock: Active 
Taking radio antenna: 1 
Preamp: 4 (Front - Rear) RCA
DVB-T antenna (Optional): 1 (SMA) 
GPS antenna connector: 1 (SMA) 

- 1 X Entrance before onboard DVR Camera, Black Box, Dashcam

Logo - Display startup logo of your favorite brand of car (Skoda, Seat, VW )  







- It allows to connect a 3G/4G key or a Wi-Fi key to allow you to surf the internet using the browser "Internet Explorer".

This feature is already integrated into the GPS unit, you just need to give you a key 3G/4G or Wi-Fi

- Internet 3G/4G/Wi-Fi USB support for 3G/4G/Wi-Fi USB (USB Wi-Fi & 3G/4G dongle Dongle not included).


System MirrorLink  :


Wireless Wifi, view your iPhone or Android Smartphone (Samsung, HTC ...) on the screen of the unit, simple installation.

Run your applications, music, photos and GPS: they appear on your receiver. Click on the image below for more details.



Instructions (in English), GPS antenna, DVB-T antenna (Optional), AV cable, USB cable, cable ISO Fakra, 4GB SD with navigation software OFFERED (CANADA USA EUROPE). 
New & 2 Year Warranty


External TV Tuner TV HD DVB-T Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), / ISDB-TetATSC (Optional) MPEG2/MPEG4.


- Receives channels Digital Terrestrial Television.

- CAUTION: Do not can capture Digital Terrestrial Television everywhere! (This depends on the quality of network coverage).

- The quality of the image to reduce progressively the speed of the vehicle.

- MPEG4 with 2 receive antennas and wider frequency band.



DVR Dashcam (option) :

- Car DVR Black Box Camera Dashcam installed in the vehicle can be used as evidence in an incident.

- All on-board cameras that are equipped with a timestamp of the video and GPS location (GPS-equipped model), which allows to prove his good faith in court.

- Onboard camera with continuous recording of any unforeseen road.

- Onboard camera that automatically records your path, once you turn the ignition.

- Onboard camera allows you a responsible and peaceful behavior.

- Easy installation, comes with cord.

You connect the camera to your car, easy installation!



TMPS (Option) :

The tire-pressure monitoring system (Tire Pressure Monitoring System or (TPMS)), is an electronic system designed to monitor tire inflation pressure on different types of vehicles. The system returns the pressure of real-time tire to the vehicle driver with an indicator, a pictogram or a mere witness of underinflation.


DAB BOX (optional):

Digital terrestrial radio or DAB is the name of consumer digital radio. This is the equivalent of digital terrestrial television

wireless kit for rear camera (optional):

Rearview Camera with Night Vision (option) :


Parrot Bluetooth (optional):
Handsfree called for.


USB 3G/4G (optional) :

New Accessories & Warranty 1 Year

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