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Kit Pro corner death.11-32 V
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Kit Pro corner death.11-32 V

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Kit Pro corner death.11-32 V

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Warranty  Warranty 2 years

Pro Camera System 
This high quality system has everything you need. The 7-inch monitor lets you see and hear exactly what is happening behind, in front or beside your vehicle. You can mount the screen with 2 static / different necklaces and even integrate it into the dashboard. 

The color camera comes with this kit is the type blind. This system allows you to link easily to the camera flash. Therefore, as soon as you turn right blind spot appears on the screen. 

The camera power is removed from the cable that travels to the monitor. Therefore, no additional power is required for it. The CCD camera wiring is sealed with no less than 9 infrared lamps. This means that you have a night vision function up to 10 meters. The camera is robust, sealed and equipped with an audio function. 

Complete Kit 
When you order this kit, all necessary cables are included in course delivery. 10 meters of cable are supplied with the camera's blind spot. 

Given its superior quality, easy installation, functionality and ease of use, the Pro kit is the solution for any professional use. 

Camera System 
• 12-32 volts 
• Easy and fast installation 
• Possibility to connect up to three standard cameras 
• The camera angle of death has a rugged waterproof night vision function up to 10 meters 
• The color LCD screen, this super-slim high resolution 
• Wide viewing angle of the camera: 120 º 
• Includes 10 meters of cabling and accessories, including a remote 
• With mirror function 

Display Specifications 
Section screen: TFT LCD monitor 7-inch 
Audio Output: 1W 
Speaker: a speaker circular 4.0 cm 
Terminal connection: headphone jack, making audio / video (AV) input jack external power connector on camera. 
Voltage: car battery (12-32V) automobile adapter 
Consumption: Approx 12W 
External dimensions: 182mm (W) x 122mm (h) x 26 (p) without back panel; 198mm (W) x 138mm (h) x 31mm (w) with rear panel 
Pixel size: 0.107 (H) x 0.370 (V) 
Resolution: 480 x 3 (RGB) x 234 
Contrast: 300:1 
Brightness: 350cd / m² 
Viewing Angle: U: 40 / D: 60, R / L: 60 
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +70 ° C, RH90% 
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +70 ° C, RH90% 

Nine and 2-year warranty.

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