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» » » Three Reversing Camera Pro 150 ° + 7 inch screen visor 11-32 V
Three Reversing Camera Pro 150 ° + 7 inch screen visor 11-32 V
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Three Reversing Camera Pro 150 ° + 7 inch screen visor 11-32 V

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Three Reversing Camera Pro
150 ° + 7 inch screen visor
11-32 V

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Warranty  Warranty 2 years

This high quality system has everything you need. The 7-inch monitor lets you see and hear exactly what is happening behind, in front or beside your vehicle. You can mount the screen with 2 static / different necklaces and even integrate it into the dashboard. 

Reversing cameras 
Color Cameras supplied with this kit with Three reversing cameras, waterproof and heated. This system allows you to easily activate the camera when you are reversing. If you prefer, you can always have a picture and then see what happens behind the vehicle when driving. 

The power of the cameras is levied on the cable which travels to the monitor. Therefore, no additional power is required for it. CCD cameras and wiring sealed with sun visor is provided with not less than 30 infrared lamps. This means that you have a night vision function up to 15 meters. The cameras are robust, sealed, heated and equipped with an audio function. 

This kit reversing cameras of professional quality you can enjoy the comfort of a permanent vision and precision for reversing maneuvers. 
Incorporated with visor. 
Three cables connecting from 15 yards comes to allow connection 
a camper, truck or agricultural equipment, buses, van, remaorque horses, boat ... 

The camera has a viewing angle of 150 ° and audio. 

This kit accepts a power drop from 11 to 32 v thus allowing 
easy mounting on all types of vehicles. From car to truck 
through the camper, caravan, farm vehicles or construction equipment ... 

This backup camera kit is complete and ready to ride. It includes: 

A 7-inch (17.78 cm diagonal) with visor incorporated 
3 backup camera (150 ° angle of view with sound) 
3 15 meters cable connection screw type / sealed 
(15 or 25 yards of extra cables arranged in our catalog) 
A support arm to position the screen according to your needs 
One cigarette lighter adapter 
1 adapter for the battery 
Video cables to connect a DVD player for example 
1 cable to connect a vis the screen safely 
1 Remote 

Screen characteristics: 

7 inch color TFT-LCD (17.78 cm diagonal) 
Color TFT-LCD 
Integrated speakers Audio Output 1W (diameter 4.5 cm) 
Output jack for external headphone 
Input jack for external audio / video (eg DVD player) 
11-32 V supply 
Consumption about 5 w 
Resolution 1400 (h) x 234 (v) 
Contrast 150: 1 
Brightness 300 cd / m 
Viewing angle H: 50 B: 60 D and G: 60 
External dimensions: 184.8 * 122.5 * 49.4 mm 
Weight 350 g 

Characteristics of the cameras: 

Reference: CAM-DF4103-CCD 
Power supply 11 to 32 v 
Built-in microphone 
2.2 mm lens 
Scanning system interface 2: 1 
Resolution 420 lines 
Minimum Illumination 0 Lux (18 LEDs embedded) 
Night Vision 15 million 
Waterproof IP 67-68 
Metal frame 
Operating temperature -10 ° to + 50 ° RH 95% MAX 
Storage temperature -20 ° to + 60 ° RH 95% MAX 
Weight 290g piece 
Dimensions 84 * 60 * 80 mm 

Nine and 2-year warranty.

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