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» » » Car DVD Player GPS DVB-T 3G WIFI Toyota Corolla/Land Cruise/Hilux/RAV4...

Car DVD Player GPS DVB-T 3G WIFI Toyota Corolla/Land Cruise/Hilux/RAV4...

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Car DVD Player Toyota Corolla/
Land Cruiser/Vitz/Hilux/
Touch Screen 6.2" HD 1024X600
DVD - UBS - RDS - BT - 3G/

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Warranty  Warranty 2 years

The most beautiful music.

The most beautiful sound.

The most beautiful images.

It can bring you the best driving experience.

Let you drive with the feeling of a wonderful life.

Toyota Corolla/Land Cruiser/Vitz/Hilux/Avensis/RAV4/Camry/Vios

Gets the steering wheel control 

Installation and use :


- Seamless integration into the dashboard.

- Simple Connections Plug & Play, no additional cables needed.

- Beams, CAN-Bus (reprise steering wheel controls), accessories & key extraction provided (if necessary).

- Touchscreen LCD, Bluetooth 2.0, USB / SD / CD / DVD.

- AM / FM Radio RDS

- CD / DVD

- Function integrated dual zone: GPS navigating and listening to the radio / CD simultaneously.

- Can-Bus external or integrated (depending on model) for the automatic recovery of steering wheel controls.

+ 2 X RCA video. Connect an audio amplifier or additional external monitors.

- 1 X Entrance before onboard DVR Camera, Black Box, Dashcam

- 1 X RCA input for rear view camera (compatible with our cameras, with reverse gear engaged when automatic failover).

- Control iPod / iPhone : Connect your iPod or iPhone and choose your music

from the touch screen of the receiver.

The connection enables charging the iPod / iPhone (compatible until 4S).

For iPhone 5 and above, the music will listen.

A2DP audio streaming via Bluetooth.

- Port SD 1 / MMC for audio / video playback formats such as accepting

MP3 / MP4 / AVI / MPEG / WMV / JPEG with a selection of files directly via the touch screen.

- Port SD 2 for media playing and photo reading (support : name, album, singer's name).

- USB1 : USB2.0  Port accepting formats such as RMVB (1080P)MP3 / MP4 / AVI / MPEG / WMV / JPEG with a selection of files directly via the touch screen (support : name, album, singer's name).

-USB2 : for 3G/4G internet

Car GPS navigation with 3D graphics multimedia easy to use functions.

The Bluetoothhandsfree built-in USB and SD (MP3 and music video) Card Hands kit, keys.



Processor 1.5Ghz CPU allows fluidity and reliability.

You only have to disassemble your home and install by connecting directly to your original car radio your vehicle taken.

GPS SD card and the GPS antenna and cables for installation are included.

For more information Contact Us




Android 8.0



RockChip PX5 28nm chip processing Octa 64 bit Cortex-A53.

- CPU 1.5GHz

32GB and RAM2GB DDR3.

- Integrated CD / DVD

- Function PIP 2 functions on the screen simultaneously.

- Integrated with external microphone Bluetooth: Hands-free calling (retrieves the phonebook).

- Read USB X 2 and SD X 2 (audio sources / videos and photos) card.

- Hard drive 32GB.

- GPS Map 3D Europe included.

- Check our radio controls from your original steering wheel.

- Language and GPS voice menus in English.

- Mosfet Amplifier 4 x 45 Watts, pre-amp outputs & Subwoofer.

- ODS menu : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish… 17 languages.

- Order via the touch screen 3D POP.

- Extras Logo Audi, Hyundai, Toyota, KIA ...

- 3 - Zone (Ability to listen to music or the radio at the same time as the GPS and use the DVD / SD / USB / TV / DVR on compatible headrests function).



S200 3D graphics platform, RockChip PX5 28nm chip processing Octa 64 bit Cortex-A53

3 zones POP technology

CPU DDR3 RAM Frequency 1.5 GHZ


Connections to the internet with 3G/4G

32GB Memory Hard Disc

Calculator function

Calendar Function

PhoneBook function



- Operating System:  Android 8.0

- Control of radio fingertips

- Screen resolution touch 1024X600Pixels

 - Intuitive Menu

- Language and GPS menus in English.


RockChip PX5 28nm chip processing Octa 64 bit Cortex-A53

The best fast processor!

Performance up to 3X faster and 3X faster graphics!

 Balance equalizer exclusive audio technology



-       Touchscreen HD 1024X600px.


- FM / AM Radio with RDS (displays the station name).

- Record up to 99 stations.

- Automatically search for radio stations.

  Description : http://www.autoradio-privee.com/autoradios-gps/IMG/S100/s100-bluetooth.jpg


- External Micro.

- Conversation through the speakers of the car.

- Call handsfree simply pairing your phone via Bluetooth (compatible with all phones).

- Caller ID, phonebook recovery and incoming / outgoing calls.

- Answer / hang up from the touch screen (or your steering wheel controls).

- Ability to automatically pick up after 3 rings.

- Listening to music via A2DP audio streaming.

- Digital to dial your number keypad.


-       Bluetooth PhoneBook recovery

- 3 - Zone (Ability to listen to music or the radio at the same time as the GPS and use the DVD / SD / USB / TV / DVR on compatible headrests function).

- Ability to configure the send videos or movies on external displays

(Supports headrests for example).

- 2 RCA video inputs and audio auxiliary.

- 1 output audio & video RCA auxiliary.

- 4 RCA audio output and 1 Subwoofer.

- 5 programmables modes.



- Control functions area zone.  



- Record your videos embedded DVR camera.



- Player DVD read Formats: DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MP4/CD-R/WMA/MPEG4/JPG.

- Control of DVD chapters and menus from the touch screen.


- Maximum capacity card (micro) SD: 32GB.

- Play your music and playlists iPod / iPhone (4S connector).

- Recharge 5Volts your iPod / iPhone.

- 3D GPS navigation.


- GPS Monitor.


- Analog TV only for those countries still covered by the standard (No longer works in France). You must opt ​​for a DVB-T tuner Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) optional.


- Read MP3/MP4/WMA your files through your car stereo from a hard disc, USB drive or SD card.

- Maximum capacity of USB drive: 64GB

- Play your MP4 video files in HD on your car stereo from a hard disc, USB drive or SD card.

- Maximum capacity of USB drive: 64GB.

- Maximum capacity card (micro SD) SD: 64GB.


- DSP digital processing systems, single signal (EQ) balanced audio processing technology, provides standardization and perfection of the audio signal.


- Show the user how to operate the system.

- View pictures.


- Memory 32GB Hard Disc for the management of your files.


- Possibility to install a backup camera.

- RCA video input for rear view camera.

- Switching the automatic video when you go backwards.


- Calculator.


- Calendar.


- It allows to connect a 3G/4G key to allow you to surf the internet using the browser "Internet Explorer".

This feature is already integrated into the GPS unit, you just need to give you a key 3G/4G

- Internet 3G/4G USB support for 3G/4G USB ( 3G/4G dongle Dongle not included).


System MirrorLink  :


Wireless Wifi, view your iPhone or Android Smartphone (Samsung, HTC ...) on the screen of the unit, simple installation.

Run your applications, music, photos and GPS: they appear on your receiver. Click on the image below for more details.




12V power supply and speaker jack: Standard Iso Fakra

Camera input DVR front board, Black Box, Dashcam: 1

Audio video input: 1 (RCA jack)

Came back-up camera with automatic switching: 1

Safety cut screen stock: Active

 radio antenna: 1

Preamp: 4 (Front - Rear) RCA jack

DVB-T antenna jack TV OPTION: 1

GPS antenna connector: 1 (SMA plug)

Subwofer : 1


USB: 2



User manual (in English), Beams, CAN-Bus (outer casing on the model of vehicle, some of our radio model has an integrated CAN-Bus) & key extraction provided (if necessary), IR remote control (Battery not included), GPS antenna, TV antenna DVB-T Freeview (option), ISO cable Fakra cable, Navigation software OFFERED.


Igo Real-time navigation with maps of Europe:

France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Canada, USA etc. ...

Many POI (Stations essences, restaurants, shopping malls ...) included.


New & 2 Years Warranty



TMC : (Traffic Message Channel), Tuner TV HD DVB-T , ISDB-T & ATSC, Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Front Camera DVR board (black box) Dashcam ... Ect 

External TV Tuner TV HD DVB-T Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), / ISDB-TetATSC (Optional) MPEG2/MPEG4.

- Receives channels Digital Terrestrial Television.

- CAUTION: Do not can capture Digital Terrestrial Television everywhere! (This depends on the quality of network coverage).

- The quality of the image to reduce progressively the speed of the vehicle.

- MPEG4 with 2 receive antennas and wider frequency band.



DVR Dashcam (option) :

- Car DVR Black Box Camera Dashcam installed in the vehicle can be used as evidence in an incident.

- All on-board cameras that are equipped with a timestamp of the video and GPS location (GPS-equipped model), which allows to prove his good faith in court.

- Onboard camera with continuous recording of any unforeseen road.

- Onboard camera that automatically records your path, once you turn the ignition.

- Onboard camera allows you a responsible and peaceful behavior.

- Easy installation, comes with cord.

You connect the camera to your car, easy installation!



TMPS (Option) :

The tire-pressure monitoring system (Tire Pressure Monitoring System or (TPMS)), is an electronic system designed to monitor tire inflation pressure on different types of vehicles. The system returns the pressure of real-time tire to the vehicle driver with an indicator, a pictogram or a mere witness of underinflation.


Rearview Camera with Night Vision (option) :



New Accessories & Warranty 1 Year

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